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Laying on of hands during Elder ordination

Laying on of hands during Elder ordination

Park Lake is governed by the constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Accordingly, Park Lake is guided by elected members of our congregation who are ordained as Elders to serve a three year term. Together, these Elders make up our Session which is the leadership council for our congregation.

Our Session prays, thinks and works together to discern the ways God is calling us into service and is responsible for the overall mission and governance of the church.

Our Session also includes our co-pastors, who act as moderators. Committees, made up of Elders and members of the congregation, oversee everything in the life of Park Lake from the preparation of the church’s financial budget, to the organization of Christian Education classes, to the mission and outreach of the church.

Our Session and committees, like our congregation, are made up of wonderful women and men with diverse talents and gifts. We are blessed by their service.

Session Minutes are available from the Church Office upon request. Click here for the Book of Order 2015-2017, The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) , Part II.

Elder Class of 2019:

John DiSalvo

Jan Ellis

John Franklin

Kimo Hyatt

Victoria Nicoll

Lauren Poore


Elder Class of 2020: 

Cliff Black

Jim Bogner

Will DiSalvo

Susan Frith

Alice Schmidt

Linda Shrieves

Elder Class of 2021:

Leesa Bainbridge

Kelsey Francis

Aaron Hull

Justin Ingram

Nancy Jones

Norma Knight