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You are loved. Come and see.

Lenten Devotions

Lenten devotion 2015

February 20, 2015

Daily Scripture Readings for Lent 2015 

John 1:35-42

When two of John the Baptist’s disciples started to follow Jesus, he turned to them and asked, “What are you looking for?”

That’s a good question for us as we begin Lent. What are we looking for? A renewed awareness of God in our lives? A way to rekindle embers of faith? A chance to get back on track with what we say we believe? Maybe we aren’t sure ourselves.

The two disciples answer Jesus quickly (almost like they weren’t sure either), “Where are you staying?” Jesus’ response has always sounded so welcoming and warm, “Come and see.”

I doubt Jesus meant this as an invitation to a Parade of Homes tour. Imagine walking up to Jesus’ house, decorated with bright balloons and a colorful banner: “Open House Sunday. 1-4 pm. Come and see!”

When we take Jesus up on his offer, “come and see”, it isn’t a house that catches our eye. We see the people and Jesus’ way with them: a learned Jewish teacher, who sneaks to Jesus at night to ask a question; a woman Jesus meets at a well in the middle of the day; a crowd of people who chase Jesus around a lake to get more to eat; a blind man who regains his sight and loses his place in the neighborhood; a beloved friend who dies and his two sisters who are grieving; a group of students who are stunned that their revered teacher would wash their feet.

How will we answer Jesus’ invitation to “come and see” this Lent? Maybe Jesus invites us today to look closely at our lives in the light of his loving abiding presence with us. Maybe Jesus invites us to come and look so closely that we can see, really see, what so often we don’t want to see.

Lord, if I come, will you show me the things I’ve been blind too? Will you show me the need of others I’ve ignored? Will you show me what I’ve too easily accepted and knowingly, or unknowingly, put between me and you? Will you show me the places within myself I am afraid to look? Will you show me the way to you?

“Come and see”, Jesus said.

Dan DeBevoise


“Come and See” by DeAnne L. Parks