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Lenten Devotions

Lenten devotion 2015

March 11, 2015

Daily Scripture Readings For Lent 2015

Jeremiah 8:18-9:6, Romans 5:1-11, John 8:12-20

The city of Winter Park, where we live, just sent out their 2014 Report Card. ‘Ever wonder how your city is performing?’ it reads. Inside are charts and statistics detailing how the city measures up to its top priorities.

How long has it been since you’ve had a report card? Some of you are still getting them in one way or another: class grades, work reviews, job performance feedback. I vividly remember the years of testing and evaluations and still it makes me not just a little anxious to think about measuring up to ‘top priorities.’

I’m not keeping score, but let me ask: How are you doing with your Lent priorities?

Our lives are filled with the tension between what is best for us and how we actually live. The scriptures highlighted for today all contain some sort of tension. The gospel lesson reveals tension is between Light and Darkness. In the epistle, Paul writes of the hopeless separation that we have with God and the reconciling work that Jesus bore in his own body. The prophet Jeremiah mourns for the brokenness of God’s people and of their communities, crying out, “Is there no healing? Is there no Balm in Gilead?”

There is tension all around us, and Lent is a great time to reflect and evaluate our lives. But Lent is not a time of testing. The beauty of Lent is that it above all an invitation to stop the frenetic pace of our lives and turn. In Lent, we return to the promise that the Light of the World has shattered our darknesses; that the Hope of our living has brought us home; that the Balm for our hurt and broken selves is present and plentiful.

There Is a Balm in Gilead’ acapella by the Adventist Choral Ensemble

Merciful and Healing God, continue this journey of Lent with us. Let us not judge ourselves by the standards set by others or even those set unrealistically by ourselves. Let us see ourselves as You do: through eyes of Love. Amen.

Helen DeBevoise