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General Information

Park Lake Presbyterian Church knows how important and meaningful your wedding day is for you, your family and your friends. Over the years, we have found it helpful to develop certain policies which will help your wedding run smoothly. These are listed in the contents of this site. Please read through them carefully and ask any questions you may have.

Most importantly, your wedding is a Worship Service. As such, if falls under the rules and jurisdiction of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)'s Book of Order and the policies of its governing body, the Church Session. As with any other Worship Service, we acknowledge our dependency upon God through Jesus Christ and seek His blessing on your marriage. One of the Ministers of Park Lake Presbyterian Church will preside over your wedding.

Park Lake offers non-member weddings for couples seeking a church home. We would love to have you in the life of the church.

Planning Your Wedding

Our beautiful main sanctuary seats approximately 400 guests with easy viewing of the Wedding Party. Arrangements for your wedding day begin by contacting the Church Secretary in our church office at 407-841-6550 or by email. Click here to Email Now. If your date is available and you wish to go forward with arrangements, Stacia Hujik, our Wedding Coordinator will review your wedding day requirements with you to see if they coincide with our Church policies.  She will then meet with you for a tour of the church and our facilities.

Before a wedding date is confirmed, a completed Wedding Information Form and deposit check must be received. A 50% deposit is required in order to confirm any date (all checks must be made out to Park Lake Presbyterian Church and are nonrefundable). Additionally, the balance is required 30 days prior to the wedding. If your wedding is booked 30 days or less in advance, the entire amount is required as a deposit in order to confirm the date.

The Wedding Information Form is an important tool used by the church to schedule and plan for your wedding needs. It is important to fill out the form completely and thoroughly. Stacia will assist you in working through all the details of your church ceremony. She will ensure that your florist and photographer are fully informed of our policies and ensure their access to our facility on your wedding day. Additionally, she will work with your family and members of your bridal party at the rehearsal and handle all logistical details on the day of your wedding.

Once your wedding is approved and your deposit is received, Stacia will coordinate the scheduling of the Minister, Organist and Sexton whom will all be present for your rehearsal as well as the wedding service. Also at that time, you will need to schedule a time for pre-marital counseling with the Minister presiding over your wedding. You may do this by calling the church office at 407-841-6550.

Park Lake is in great demand for use of its facilities.  We try to accommodate everyone for their first choice of date and time. Please understand that this is not always possible. You may wish to select an alternate date and time. In selecting your wedding date, please keep in mind that weddings will NOT be scheduled on any of the following dates:

  • New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Day
  • Holy Week
  • Saturday before Easter
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Thanksgiving Weekend
  • December 15 -31
Wedding Music
Our Organist, Will Benton, is in charge of all music used in the Wedding Service. He will assist you in selecting appropriate music for your wedding and provide soloists or additional instrumentalists, at an additional cost, should you so desire. The Organist makes all final decisions concerning the appropriateness and type of music selected, musicians and soloists, other than those provided by the church. He will assist you in every way to have a joyful and worshipful wedding service. Please keep in mind that Park Lake does NOT allow music on tape or compact disc. You can contact Will at 407-222-1231 to discuss your music needs.  He will be present at your wedding rehearsal as will any musicians and vocalists you request.

Worship Facilities & Costs

Use of our facilities carries an overhead cost to the church in terms of electricity, air conditioning, set-up and cleanup.  Additionally, there are costs for the services of the Minister, Wedding Coordinator, Sexton and Organist. For pricing, please contact the Wedding Coordinator or the church office.

If the bridal couple wishes to have a Unity Candle as part of the service, the Unity Candle holder must be provided and the candles must be dripless. Please bring your Unity Candle holder and candles to your rehearsal. Candelabras are also permitted but will have to be rented or provided by your florist.  Both of our Ministers prefer to use a kneeling bench for the Wedding Service.  The church will provide this to you at no charge.  The amounts mentioned above are calculated as the minimum honoraria.  Additional gifts to Ministers, Organist and/or Musicians are at the discretion of the bridal party.  Please make checks for additional honoraria payable to the individual receiving them.


The Church Session has a policy that NO DRUGS, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR SMOKING are permitted on church property.  This includes any ceremonial wedding champagne for toasts, etc. Violation of this policy will result in the cancellation of the wedding service. Anyone who, in the opinion of the officiating Minister, appears to be under the influence of drugs or who has imbibed excessive alcohol will NOT be permitted to participate in the wedding service.


The use of rice is forbidden on church property, but your guests may throw bird seed.

The Church Session's policy concerning floral decorations will be explained by the the Wedding Coordinator. Under no circumstance may anything be taped, glued, or otherwise affixed to sanctuary furniture. Our Wedding Coordinator is here to assist you.  Please ask your florist not to proceed in decorating the church without approval of the Wedding Coordinator.

Photography/Video Taping
Photography is an integral part of the memories of this special day. Flash photography is permitted during the processional and recessional but NOT during the Worship Service. Available light photography only is permitted from the back of the sanctuary during the Worship Service. A maximum of thirty (30) minutes is allotted following the service for photographs.

Video taping must also be taken with available light from one (1) fixed point. Flash equipment and auxiliary light is NOT permitted. Please ask your photographer and/or videographer to confer with the Wedding Coordinator before making preparations for photography and/or videography.

All guests will be requested to refrain from the use of cellular phones, pagers, and/or flash photography during the Worship Service. Please have this printed in your Wedding program.

A Few Things to Remember

The staff of Park Lake works on a tight schedule throughout the week. Choosing the time and date for your wedding rehearsal and wedding service is part of the schedule. Please advise all members of your wedding party to be on time for both the rehearsal and the wedding service.

A dressing room is provided for the bride and her attendants. Please use this area as you would your own home. Be neat and place all refuse in the provided containers. Failure to do so requires additional time and expense for custodial service and additional charges may be made. The Bridal dressing room is available 1 1/2 hours ahead of the Worship Service.

Your Wedding should be a joyful and worshipful experience.  We at Park Lake hope to make it so.