Worship with us Sunday 10:30 a.m.
God loves you. We do too.
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Welcome to Park Lake Presbyterian Church . . . where all are loved and called to live for Christ, to reach lives for Christ. We are a local Presbyterian congregation doing the work of Jesus Christ, gathering in this place since 1925. All are welcome to worship here and join our journey with God as we go into the world as disciples of Christ.

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Please join us this Eastertide for “Unbinding Your Heart”.

* Friends Talking Faith… We want to invite you to a conversation about Faith.

* In the season between Easter and Pentecost, the Park Lake Evangelism Committee and the Monday Men’s lunch will study “Unbinding Your Heart: A 40 Day Invitation to prayer and Faith Sharing”.

* YOU can be part of this. We all need intelligent, thoughtful and honest conversation about God.

* This is what we believe will result from our study. Brian McLaren says that “With all the outrageously negative religious messages out there scaring people away from any relationship with God and the church, it’s time for honest and thoughtful people to speak up and reach out. We are often hesitant to do that because of all the negative.”

* Can we study together? Can we have conversation? We are confident we will come away from this experience strong followers of Jesus Christ and a stronger Church. Please join us. Please contact Dan or Helen, our co-pastors, for more information.

Gathering of the Children Easter Morning

Gathering of the Children Easter Morning Worship